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General Questions

Q: Are all of your items acid free?

A: All of our storage items are acid, pvc and lignen free


Q: How long is your product warranty good for?

A: 90 days


Q: Is there a charge for replacement parts?

A: We have a 90-day warranty period. If the customer needs parts during this time there is no charge. After the warranty period, there is a charge plus shipping and handling.


Q: Can you ship to another address other than my home address?

A: Yes


Q: What stores in my area carry your products?

A: You can call or email our customer service and we can look the information up for you.


Q: Do you have catalogs for individuals?

A:No, unfortunately we do not. All active products are live on the site.  


Product Specific Questions

Q: What is the difference in the CH864 photo case (CHPCNA/PU) and the large photo case (CHPC)?

A: The 864 photo case is approximately half the size of the large photo case and is designed to hold approximately 864 photos. The large photo case holds up to 2000 photos. Photo Negative Holders are included with the 864 photo case and they are NOT included with the Large photo case.


Q:Does the new vertical Paper Holders fit in the Ikea Expedite cubes?



Store Owner Questions

Q: How can we get information about starting up a new store?

A: Cropper Hopper asks that the interested customer fax or email us their contact information as well as their resale certificate before we can send out wholesale information.